Karen Marie Eveland
Specializing in Diabetes, Women's Health & Pediatrics
Karen Marie Eveland Offers Compassionate Counseling Services to Those in Need

Karen Marie Eveland is a retired Family Nurse Practitioner for The College of St. Scholastica, a renowned independent private college and leading health care service provider in Duluth, Minnesota. With a strong background in diabetes, women’s health and pediatrics, Ms. Eveland supported the mission of the college to offer information and health services by providing flexible and accommodating care. She handled obstetrics and gynecology, clinical work and ambulatory care for nearly 50 years. Moreover, Ms. Eveland taught public health and conducted workshops for sixth-grade students with sexuality issues, and for adults coping with obstacles related to depression and fertility challenges.

Ms. Eveland is committed to creating optimism and giving people insight as to the many ways that they can overcome common challenges associated with depression and first priority health issues. She offers counseling to seniors in order to address key health care topics and concerns, and educates others by communicating to members of her community. With a wealth of knowledge and a loyalty to her clients, Ms. Eveland strives to give people hope and confidence.

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Karen Marie Eveland
Specializing in Diabetes,
Women's Health & Pediatrics
Backus, MN
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